Introducing an Acoustical Products Industry first; The (patent pending) Weber Low Frequency Diffuser!

What's the big deal? Although the need and mathematics of the diffusers have been long established in the industry; efforts to create the much needed low frequency device have been restricted to on-site construction of wooden diffusers … very expensive and time consuming.

An appropriate sized wooden diffuser would weigh an unwieldy 110+ pounds. Plastic devices in this size and complexity tend to warp and therefore are restricted to the smaller high and mid-frequency devices.

This has led Weber Custom Fab LLC, a long-time manufacturer of standard and custom mounting hardware, to develop a metallic version of this long-needed device.

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N7 Low Frequency Diffuser

N7 Low Frequency Diffuser

  • 175 — 1500 Hz Effective Range
  • 38.5 x 48 x 12" Depth, 48 Pounds
    38.5 x 38.5 x 127quot; Depth, 40 Pounds
  • 21" Effective Well Depth!
  • Includes Mounting Hardware for horizontal or vertical installation
  • Part #WCF-XXX-L -48" or 38.5"
  • Shown in Standard Flat Black
N7 Mid-Range Diffuser

N7 Mid-Range Diffuser

  • 350 — 3000 HZ Effective Range
  • 22 x 48 x 6" Depth, 25 Pounds
  • 10.5" Effective Well Depth!
  • Part #WCF-XXX-M
  • Shown in Standard Flat Black

Listening areas such as theatres, churches and recording studios will benefit from proper placement of diffusers.
Without treatment unwanted variation occurs in low frequency (bass notes) resulting in "hot spots" or "nodes" in some areas, and "dead spots" in others. Sound Engineers and ordinary listeners alike will hear a clear difference in the balance across the audio spectrum anywhere in the listening environment!
Diffusers are often used with other acoustical products to meet stringent requirements of sound and aesthetic quality!

Typical Mounting

Diffusers are primarily used for:

  • Rear wall of listening area
  • First reflection point of speakers aimed at walls
  • In arrays of multiple panels from 4 (small area) to 1 per 120 square feet (large area)
  • In combination with acoustically absorbent panels
Diffuser setup diagram

Trim Concept Trim supplied by others

Diffuser trim concept
Download our Diffuser Introduction